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Elestor Covered in ‘Tank Storage Magazine’: Flow Batteries Boosting the Energy Transition

Elestor Covered in ‘Tank Storage Magazine’: Flow Batteries Boosting the Energy Transition

Elestor Covered in ‘Tank Storage Magazine’:
– Flow Batteries Boosting the Energy Transition

ELECTRIFICATION, RENEWABLE energy sources and innovation are set to help the world on its way to achieving its climate and carbon neutrality targets by the 2050s. However, as yet there is no answer to this question: how can a stable electricity supply be guaranteed with no fossil-fuel baseload? Nowadays, there are rarely times when too little electricity is produced, as is evidenced by negative electricity markets. When the weather conditions favour high renewable energy production at a time of low demand, power plants are switched off and renewable electricity generation is voluntarily curtailed.

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Elestor secures top international scientists for its Technical Advisory Board

Arnhem, The Netherlands, May 21, 2024. Dutch long-duration electricity storage company Elestor has secured the participation of a prominent group of scientists and sector experts as members of its newly created Technical Advisory Board. “As a cutting edge technology company, we invest significant resources in research and development in order to ensure we remain ahead of rivals in the clean energy storage sphere,” said Guido Dalessi, CEO, Elestor. “This leadership position has enabled us to attract top international scientists to our Technical Advisory Board, which is obviously going to be 100% independent to preserve the integrity of its members and of their conclusions.”

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LDES: Hydrogen Flow Batteries with Guido Dalessi, CEO Elestor

For this podcast episode, we have a special guest, Guido Dalessi, CEO of Elestor. Listen as we delve into their unique Hydrogen-Bromine flow batteries, discuss LDES in the Europe, how to secure right partnerships, and Elestor's plans for growth. Kudos to {antokrator !

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Enabling Affordable Decarbonization

Decarbonisation is urgently needed to prevent humanity from exceeding tipping points in the climate system[1]. The graph below [2] shows the worldwide primary energy consumption [in Exajoules] from 1995 to 2020. The financial crisis (2009) and the COVID pandemic (2020) both caused a temporary reduction, but in overall there is a clear upward trend in the worldwide need for energy.

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