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Backed by titans

Equinor Ventures leads a consortium of new and old investors with a €30 million investment to support Elestor’s ultra-rapid growth strategy

“Technologies providing long-term energy storage at scale will play an important role in satisfying the growing need to stabilise power markets,” said Gareth Burns, head of Equinor Ventures.

Recent news

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LDES: Hydrogen Flow Batteries with Guido Dalessi, CEO Elestor

For this podcast episode, we have a special guest, Guido Dalessi, CEO of Elestor. Listen as we delve into their unique Hydrogen-Bromine flow batteries, discuss LDES in the Europe, how to secure right partnerships, and Elestor's plans for growth. Kudos to {antokrator !

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Enabling Affordable Decarbonization

Decarbonisation is urgently needed to prevent humanity from exceeding tipping points in the climate system[1]. The graph below [2] shows the worldwide primary energy consumption [in Exajoules] from 1995 to 2020. The financial crisis (2009) and the COVID pandemic (2020) both caused a temporary reduction, but in overall there is a clear upward trend in the worldwide need for energy.

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Future Shapers: ''I knew this would be a journey towards an uncertain destination.''

Elestor: Innovative Flow Battery paves the way to End Fossil Power Plants. In the future, it may be possible to replace entire fossil power plants with Elestor's patented flow battery. Based in Arnhem, Elestor develops hydrogen-bromide flow batteries that provide large-scale, scalable, and affordable energy storage.

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