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An grid-connected energy storage system using Elestor technology.

Elestor's flow battery

Large-scale, long-duration, scalable and affordable

Elestor's bromine-based energy storage solution and wind mills

For a decarbonised future

where long-duration energy storage replaces the power plants of the past

Our technology

With a minimal impact on Earth’s resources

due to the global abundance of hydrogen and bromine

Our solution
Solar park powered by Elestor's flow battery solution

To enable a fully clean energy system

that unlocks the true potential of solar and wind energy

About Elestor

This is the Long Duration Energy Storage flow battery

The technology is affordable and easy to scale, which means we can speed up the spread of Elestor flow batteries to store large volumes of electricity over long durations.

our technology
3D explanation of Elestor's flow battery
Elestor employees observing the Elestor technology

Get to know us

Find out why we dedicate our lives to a sustainable future and discover how we help shape a new, clean energy system that will improve everyone’s lives.

A close-up of Elestor's advanced flow battery technology

Discover our technology

Explore how flow batteries work, how hydrogen and bromine interact in our closed system, and why Elestor’s solution is better than rival technologies.

Elestor engineer optimizing the efficiency of energy storage

Work with us

Help us create long-term, affordable electricity storage solutions that will facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels to a new, clean energy system.


Enabling Affordable Decarbonization

Decarbonisation is urgently needed to prevent humanity from exceeding tipping points in the climate system[1]. The graph below [2] shows the worldwide primary energy consumption [in Exajoules] from 1995 to 2020. The financial crisis (2009) and the COVID pandemic (2020) both caused a temporary reduction, but in overall there is a clear upward trend in the worldwide need for energy.

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Equinor Ventures-led consortium invests €30 million in electricity storage company Elestor.jpg

Equinor Ventures-led consortium invests €30 million in electricity storage company Elestor

Equinor Ventures-led consortium invests €30 million in electricity storage company Elestor

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Backed by titans

Equinor Ventures leads a consortium of new and old investors with a €30 million investment

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3D explanation of Elestor's flow battery