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Elestor's energy storage solution supplying clean and reliable power to drive industrial operations



2021: Industrial scale.

In April 2021, Elestor entered a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Royal Vopak, world’s leading independent tank storage company specialized in storage of chemicals and gasses. Under his agreement Elestor and Vopak will jointly bring the Elestor technology to industrial scale, up to 10s of MW and 100s of MWh.

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Elestor employee opening a flow battery

2018: Projects

In 2018, Elestor started the design of storage systems on container size under a number of regional / national / EU programs. Elestor is currently completing these projects, prior to commercial launch of the technology in 2021.

One of the upcoming installations takes place under the GIFT project (an acronym for ‘Geographical Islands FlexibiliTy’). In this project an Elestor flow battery is installed on a Norwegian island, located near the arctic circle.

Elestor technician monitoring the performance of a flow battery.

2016: Pilots

Starting November 2016, Elestor successfully carried out a handful of field pilots, working under real conditions and connected to renewable energy sources and the grid, though with limited powers and capacities. Due to its working principle, a large system is only ‘more of the same’, but fundamentally not different from a small system. This allowed Elestor to start field tests on a limited scale, while the results are still representative for large systems.

The purpose of these pilots was to demonstrate proper functioning under real circumstances, and secondly to investigate and obtain formal approval from the notified bodies to install this innovative technology. The pilots, each running for 6 to 12 months, have all been finalized.


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