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Elestor granted ‘Jan Terlouw Ambition Award 2016’ and ‘Public Award’

Elestor granted ‘Jan Terlouw Ambition Award 2016’ and ‘Public Award’

On Monday, October 4 2016, Kiemt foundation held the annual autumn conference. With its network of innovative enterprises, Kiemt focuses on accelerating the Energy Transition and Circular Economy, and works as such closely together with companies, government, researchers and institutes in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in order to concretely realize innovations.

The Jan Terlouw Award ceremony is traditionally on the agenda of the annual Kiemt conferences. The jury consists of 4 industry experts from the Kiemt network and is presided by Dutch politician, physicist and author Dr. Jan Terlouw. “The award is granted to the company that has introduced the most promising innovative solution in the field of Energy and Climate, having a high market potential. The purpose of the Award is to support its commercialization, to help the winner in making further steps, and to put the innovation on the map”, says Dr. Jan Terlouw.

The potential economic impact forms the central point for the selection of the winner. As one of the 3 finalists for this award the jury decided to grant Elestor BV, founded by Wiebrand Kout, the ‘Jan Terlouw Ambition Award 2016’. With 58,8% of the audience’s votes – a marked majority – also the ‘Public Award’ went to Elestor.

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